Introducing ….

Introducing the party of the year! Roy Verdonk’s 25th Anniversary!

A weekend filled with workshops by over 20 international choreographers.

It all happens at the Fletcher Wellness Hotel, in the south of the Netherlands. With as an added bonus the opportunity to view the Worldcdf Dutch Championships Linedance.

Sightseeing midweek

Additional to the weekend you can book a Sightseeing package. You will be picked up at the Fletcher hotel in Sittard and from there your sightseeing midweek starts! This includes a transfer to Schiphol on Thursday. All organised by DK Travel Services.

Gol Line Dance Festival (Norway)

Need more fun? In addition to the Sightseeing package you can also book the Gol-package through the Pers hotel link. 

We suggest you book a night at a hotel near Schiphol and take a fight home on Tuesday to avoid any conflict with the return flight from Gol.